, The Right Now! Vision and Delivering Happiness – C.V. 1 – Deliver Wow Through Service

“At Zappos, we don’t measure call times (our longest phone call was almost six hours long!), and we don’t upsell.  We just care about whether the rep goes above and beyond for every customer.  We don’t have scripts because we trust our employees to use their best judgment when dealing with each and every customer.  We want our reps to let their true personalities shine through during each phone call so that they develop a personal emotional connection (internally referred to as a PEC) with the customer.

Another example of us using the telephone as a branding device is what happens when a customer calls looking for a specific style of shoes in a specific size that we’re out of stock on.  In those instances, every rep is trained to research at least three competitors’ Web sites, and if the shoe is found in stock to direct the customer to the competitor.  Obviously, in those situations, we lose the sale.  But we’re not trying to maximize each and every transaction.  Instead, we’re trying to build a lifelong relationship with each customer, one phone call at a time.” – Delivering Happiness, (online and the book) Pg. 145

Wow isn’t some secret business acronym for something really important, it’s a gut reaction from a customer; either WOW! that was pure awesome or WOW! I cannot believe I was just treated that way.  In either case, it creates a lasting impression and especially when a first impression will create a lasting impression of you and your organization.  What is interesting about Delivering Happiness is that in Tony Hsieh’s description of their core values which begins with Deliver[ing] Wow Through Service, is that for the most part, their core values were their core values before they had formally identified them, no more so than the WOW factor.

A great example of this WOW factor is a blog posting I recently read entitled 90 Seconds of Oh My The point for The RNV and our supporters and people who share this vision, is that the people you come into contact with, have to be WOWed by our message, our passion and the way we share it.  Because what is more WOW than God’s love?  Beyond the message of God’s love being unconditionally available to a teen, we have to show it, not just say it. That is the difference between being seen as authentic by a teen as opposed to “a fake happy, probably hypocritical, unChristian, Christian who wants to talk down to me”.   Your connection with God is unique, your story about how you’ve been touched by His unconditional love is unique and so to deliver WOW to a teen, your connection to them has to be just as individual and unique.

How has God’s love WOWed you?  How would you make this connection with a struggling teen and send them away WOWed?

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