, The Right Now! Vision and Delivering Happiness – C.V. 2 – Embrace & Drive Change

“Fred and I [Tony] continued talking.  On the one hand, we had to get through our short-term cash-flow challenges.  On the other hand, we wanted to make sure we were thinking long-term and laying the foundation for the future of the company.  We knew we couldn’t choose one over the other.  We had to do both.

By the end of lunch, we realized that the biggest vision would be to build the Zappos brand to be about the very best customer service.  Maybe one day there really would be a Zappos Airlines that would just be about the very best customer service and customer experience.” – Page 121

Delivering Happiness (online and the book).

Zappos was making a huge decision to embrace and drive change with that decision to make their brand all about customer service. This was hardly an accepted best practice that you would come away from an MBA program, but in the end, the results speak for themselves. The great thing about where The Right Now! Vision is, is that we’re just starting out, we don’t need to make a drastic shift in direction or convince people to go along with a radical change in how nonprofits are done.

How are we changing how ministries reach out to teens? Why are we so different? We’re changing the way teen outreach and ministry are being done in part because of what we are and in part because of what we are not doing.  We are not taking the easy road of simply appealing to people’s “we’re going to change the world better angels” not that that kind of hope and optimism isn’t needed, but because it has to go farther and be put into action.

We’re taking the hard steps as a tribe that is going to where the bad stuff is happening. We are going to go talk to that teen that is in the third generation of family dysfunction and brokenness. We walk into it knowing that while we are planting a seed that could change a teen’s life for the better; in all likelihood we’ll never know if we made a difference beyond the act itself. We are there as an honest broker to teens to open the door for them to explore in their own life God’s love for them. We’re not preaching at them, looking down on them or passing judgment, just “hey, MTV and E! are not going to have answers that will make a real difference in your life. We don’t know you, but we know “society” and “popular culture” seem to have an awful lot to say about who they say you are and what you’re about. We care about who YOU say you are and what you’re about. Here’s God’s business card, He’s got a different message for you, well help connect you and point you in His direction if you want. Give him a call.”

What direction do you have to drive an embrace change in your life or in the lives of people around you?

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