The Lump in Your Throat

We love the reactions we get from people when we share our message with others for the first time. Today I had a chance to share The Right Now! Vision with a great guy, Blaine Hogan, Producer / Experience Engineer at Willow Creek Community Church. Through his blog, he offered to share office hours, like another friend of The RNV, Tim Schrader who were both very generous with their time, talents and encouragement with us and many others brainstorming, sharing creative vision and communicating messages.

The great thing about talking to people like Blaine and Tim isn’t that they’re somehow above us and we’re getting their stamp of approval, validating our vision, it’s that they understand where we’re coming from and what we’re trying to do because they’re on similar paths. I’m humbled that as many times as I’ve shared the story of Right Now and how it touched me, it continues to do so, even today. Within a few seconds of exchanging initial pleasantries with Blaine, as I started to share Kristin’s story, I choked up and had to take a few deep breaths before continuing.

The half hour went way too fast, but I really appreciated one thing in particular that Blaine said: “Always start with the thing that puts a lump in your throat.” You can’t make up a lump in your throat; it only comes from being truly touched by something, and others know it too. You don’t have to make up a story when it’s the truth. We don’t have to make up a story about God’s unconditional love for you. That truth has already spoken, we just want to share the story with you, Right Now.

What’s story do you need to share? What put’s a lump in your throat?


About The Right Now! Vision

The Right Now! Vision was formed in response to a calling to reach out to Jr. High and High school teens in the Las Vegas valley and beyond. We love teens! As unlovable as they may seem sometimes, God’s love, in steering them through the challenges they face is indispensable. Our passion is to share with teens the truth that God’s love, His eternal grace and mercy are unconditionally available, Right Now!
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