, The Right Now! Vision and Delivering Happiness – C.V. 6 – Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

“To me, it was really more a philosophy about always being open to meeting people no matter how they looked or what their backgrounds were. Every interaction with anyone anywhere was an opportunity to gain additional perspective. We are all human at the core, and it can be easy to lose sight of that in a world ruled by business, politics, and social status.” – Pg. 80-81 Delivering Happiness (Delivering Happiness Movement and the book)

For an organization that exists specifically for the purpose of teen outreach  and to speak God’s truth to their pain and brokenness, what more can we add to this message idea for how to build open and honest relationships? Is there any other way to share God’s love? One of the biggest challenges as a Christian outreach is to overcome the perception common among both Christian and non-Christian teens alike, that of being judgmental and preachy.

If this level of communication is so critical to sealing a relationship with a major vendor or repeat sales with a loyal customer, how much more important is in meeting a teen where they are, in the middle of whatever teenage things they’re going through? Enter the power of story. Kristin’s story, our story, God’s story for all of us, these are authentic stories that reach beyond social, economic or age statuses and can open the doors to connectedness, healing and love.

What do you do to build communication and authentic relationships?

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