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The Successful Failure

There are a couple of ways of dealing with failure in a leadership position: 1) Hide it, pretend it never happened or no longer exists; 2) Pass the buck and see who else can be blamed for it; 3) Begrudgingly take responsibility or 4) Wholeheartedly own it. Having recently read a great blog by Mike Foster (People of the Second Chance) on the virtues of failure, I choose to own it. Continue reading

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Thank you to all our new (and old) friends, family and acquaintences for your support of The Right Now! Vision. God is helping us to make great strides in seeing this nonprofit grow and come to fruition. We have a wonderful opportunity to win a give away of $1000 in startup seed money from the financial whiz kids over at The Change Group who are running a 24 hour contest for the giveaway. Continue reading

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