Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

The Right Now! Vision was formed in Henderson, Nevada a suburb of Las Vegas in 2010.  The Vision was formed in fellowship between members of a Christian church small group with a passion for kids in order to provide outreach to 12-18 year olds and share the truth that God’s love, His eternal grace and mercy are unconditionally available to them, Right Now!

We have a unique message and mission that is direct, concise and easy to focus on the target audience.  Our message is to help provide adolescents who are struggling with their faith or difficulties in life to invite God into their lives even if it’s the 1st, 2nd or 100th time they are doing so.  While difficult to measure exact success metrics, it is important to remember that this is a faith planting mission.  The Right Now! story and bracelet are meant as symbolic mustard seeds in these teens lives.  Ours is meant as a first step in a lifelong healing and growth in faith.  We measure success by the number of teens we share this message with and by the number of teens we can successfully help train to be mentors themselves.

The Right Now! Vision – The Inspiration:

This Vision is inspired by the true story of a girl named Kristin and the truth of “Right Now”. Kristin’s parents divorced when she was 15. She felt very much alone, living with her mother who was struggling herself to recover from the divorce too. Kristin felt very little affirmation of her own value or the presence of God’s love. When Kristin was 17, she had an encounter with a youth worker named Dan Webster who wanted to help her both understand and live into a very simple set of truths that she wasn’t getting anywhere else. Being 17 isn’t easy. Being 17 and struggling with doubt, sorrow or aloneness is even harder. She was given a bracelet to help her remember the importance of “Right Now”. When does God love you? Right Now. When does God think you are precious? Right Now. When does he think you are beautiful? Right Now. When you are struggling with heartbreak or pain, when is God there to comfort you? Right Now. When does God live within you? Right Now. When you feel like you’ve made a mess of your life to where it’s beyond fixing, when does God still see that you have tremendous potential and a special future for you? Right Now. Every Moment? Right Now. Don’t remove the bracelet from your wrist until you are confident, absolutely positive that God loves you…RIGHT NOW!

The Right Now! Vision – Mission Statement & Core Values:

The Right Now! Vision’s purpose is to reach out to Jr. High and High School students and its mission is to: “Share the truth that God’s love, His eternal grace and mercy are unconditionally available, Right Now!”  Method: As a Christian non-profit organization, we fulfill this mission through partnership with churches, youth ministries and community outreach programs.  To those ends, we rely on our Core Values: Culture, Communication and Leadership with an utmost reliance on our faith in God in order to achieve our goal to be the biggest distributor of God’s business card to teens in the United States.

Passion Statement of The Right Now! Vision:

We love teens! As unlovable as they may seem sometimes, God’s love, in steering them through the challenges they face is indispensable. Our passion is to share with teens the truth and immediacy of God’s love, to connect unconnected teens and help grow teens in faith and leadership.

The Right Now! Vision – Goals:

Current Projects:

1.  The Right Now! Movement.  This project is to share Kristin’s story through gifts of a Right Now! bracelet and a card with the above story to Jr. High and High School girls in conjunction with sharing of the Gospel (we recommend teachings from the Book of Ruth or the Book of Esther) or providing information for other faith based organizations and resources that can provide help and support such as To Write Love On Her Arm or People of the Second Chance.

2.  Inspire Respect.  This project is inspired by a Basketball Creed written by a youth league basketball coach, Coach Gregory Correa.  One of his goals was to instill in young men a sense of respect, towards self, God, parents and young women.  The development of this project is underway but will be geared towards boys in Jr. High and High School.  Suggested teachings being considered for this project include teachings from Titus and the Armor of God passage from Ephesians 6:11-20. 

3.  Mustard Seed Leadership.  This entire organization was inspired by the story of a 17 year old girl who was feeling broken and disconnected from God.  She now teaches English, runs a library and holds her own ministry ‘Girl Talk’ at a mission in the Dominican Republic.  The idea of Right Now! came from that story.  She is a leader, she is making a difference in others lives.  If Right Now! can do that with one, it can through God’s love, do that in others as well.  Youth can lead by example, from where they were to where they are now and where they are going tomorrow.  The receivers of the Right Now! message today, will be the leaders of tomorrow.  After experiencing the radical transformation and healing of God’s love, they will still need mentorship and accountability.  They need to learn how to lead through service to others.  Through our own staff and in partnership with other ministries, youth programs, and leadership building organizations we will train and empower youth to deliver the Right Now! Vision with others.

Keys to Success:

1.  Establish a strong network of support with the local and non-local churches, youth organizations, faith based organizations and other non-profit organizations.

2.  Establish presentations and outreach opportunities that share and further The Right Now! Vision’s mission, culture and core values.

3.  Launch a series of fundraising and marketing activities that will successfully fund the expanding program.

4.  Establish an effective training program for mentors that will increase their ability to be successful communicators and share the The Right Now! Vision’s mission, culture and core values.

Download a copy: The Right Now! Vision Executive Summary


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