What’s the word on Right Now?

This what people are saying about The Right Now Vision!  Find out why it’s important to them and what it could mean for you!

“Every cause starts with 1 random person in some random place…I was once a lost and troubled teen… Everyone is different…I never found the right support group to help me through it… the more options there are the better!” – Stacey Earl

“Thanks for the message about the work you are doing with Right Now. I think it is terrific and I can see this inspiring so many youth. I’m the Young Women’s leader in my ward (congregation) and I can see how our youth need to feel God’s love for them right in the moment.” – Liz Wiseman, President of the Wiseman Group and Author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter http://multipliersbook.com/

“Its all too sad that such ministries are needed, but God is good and empowers His people to action. Youth are near and dear to my heart. It is for this reason that I believe He is calling me to be a Youth Pastor.” – Shawn Harrild, Seminary Student

“I’m friends with Dan Webster and have been blessed by his ministry along these lines. I noticed he became a fan of your page and so I checked it out. Looks like a great concept… keep after it!” – Tony Myles, Lead Pastor Connection Church

“HE is the answer for any of yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s questions about how we are suppose to live. I am a worship leader and painter/artist as well and have lived a long time on this ol’ world and have experienced a lot of different things. Christ’s way is the ONLY way to fill up the “void” people naturally have within their beings….not with mind altering drugs, alcohol, or other addictive things. ” – Geary Wootten

“The Right Now! Movement sounds like a great idea! I love the idea of sharing the immediacy of God’s love. ” – Jared Robert Keller

“As you saw in what I wrote back to Dan, I am truly blessed that God has allowed such a small piece of my life, and almost 13 years later, to continue blessing others. I praise God for the blessing that it has been for you and your family. And I praise him for your desire to see other young people blessed in the same way that I have been. God is sooooooo GOOD!!! Please keep me posted on how I might be able to help and better yet, how I can pray!!” – Kristin Peterson, Inspiration for The Right Now! Vision


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