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About The Right Now! Vision

The Right Now! Vision was formed in response to a calling to reach out to Jr. High and High school teens in the Las Vegas valley and beyond. We love teens! As unlovable as they may seem sometimes, God’s love, in steering them through the challenges they face is indispensable. Our passion is to share with teens the truth that God’s love, His eternal grace and mercy are unconditionally available, Right Now!

The Lump in Your Throat

“Always start with the thing that puts a lump in your throat.” You can’t make up a lump in your throat; it only comes from being truly touched by something, and others know it too. You don’t have to make up a story when it’s the truth. Continue reading

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Low and Slow-That is the Tempo – What the Beastie Boys can Teach us About our Nonprofit

It might seem a stretch to apply Beastie Boys lyrics to running the operations of a nonprofit and maybe it is but there’s something to be said for some of the addressed in this song and challenges that we’ve encountered in progressing through developing The RNV. To go slow and low, two things must happen: 1) Throw out the quick fix idea or throw in the towel and 2) Take the time to lay down roots and grow slow. Continue reading

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Thank you to all our new (and old) friends, family and acquaintences for your support of The Right Now! Vision. God is helping us to make great strides in seeing this nonprofit grow and come to fruition. We have a wonderful opportunity to win a give away of $1000 in startup seed money from the financial whiz kids over at The Change Group who are running a 24 hour contest for the giveaway. Continue reading

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